The Effie Awards is proud to present the
Global Best of the Best

This is our industry at its best. It represents the culmination of everything we have stood for and strived for, over the past 50 years. Rooted in our obsession with effectiveness and our unwavering belief that if it’s not effective marketing, it isn’t marketing at all.

The Global Best of the Best is everything its name suggests. A platform built on all the learnings, insights, data and experience we’ve gained from you, our entrants. Your passion, rigor and creativity we see and feel in every submission. And our combined expertise. The Global Best of the Best will represent only the work that has achieved Gold or Grand Effie winning status. 

The Global Best of the Best stands as the world’s definitive effectiveness awards program. A beacon for our industry, drawing on the very best ideas that work from around the world. It raises the bar and further enhances our commitment to lead, inspire and champion the practice and practitioners of marketing effectiveness globally. Every day.

The Global Best of the Best.
The World’s Most Effective Awards Program.

The 2024 competition is open for entries.