Entry Materials

You’ve won the Gold. Even the Grand.

Now win the Best. Globally.

The 2024 Global Best of the Best Effie Awards is open to all 2023 Gold and Grand Effie winners from Effie’s regional and national programs.

How to enter the Global Best of the Best

If you are already a Gold or Grand Effie winner, you are part of a very distinguished and exclusive community. And as part of that community, you are invited to compete against all the other Gold and Grand winners across the world from the past year for the chance to be awarded the Global Grand in your category. The Global Grand winners will go on to compete for the ultimate recognition, the Iridium Effie, given to the single most effective case of the year.

To enter, all you need to do is resubmit your original winning entry, in English, and provide some additional local market context for the judges. And that’s all it takes to compete in the world’s definitive effectiveness awards competition.

Being a part of this global competition gives your work new and invaluable exposure to some of the best judges in the world.

There is simply no higher recognition of marketing effectiveness and success than taking home a Global Best of the Best Effie. Please join us on this exciting journey to champion the very best ideas that work.

New in 2024: Global Grand contenders, Global Grand winners, and the Iridium winner will now receive points toward their ranking in the Effie Index, the annual ranking of companies behind the world’s most effective marketing. To learn more about the Effie Index, click here

Entry Deadlines & Fees (USD)

Deadline 1:
May 16, 2024     |     $1,750
Deadline 2:
June 17, 2024     |     $2,120
Deadline Extension:
June 27, 2024     |     $2,120

If you have any questions, our team is here to help. Write to us at bestofthebest@effie.org